How does lactate buildup affect exercise?

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How does lactate buildup affect exercise?
« on: 23/05/2006 19:06:45 »
Two questions, quick one first :

(OK, donning flameproof suit...)
Where is current scientifically valid (and validated)information on exercise available? something like AAAS or a medical school, and not a popular excercise or trainers' site. 

Which followed from this...A recent exercise class of sprinting left my quads very sore for more than a week, and a little Googling led me to medical bulletins on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness- related to overuse, with a treatment consisting of use them some more to train the bits that are sore as soon as you can and quit complaining. These reports take pains to point out that this is NOT due to Lactic acid buildup in the muscles, that lactate levels return to normal ~2 hrs after exercise, and that this idea has remained in training lore as an Urban Legend. I only vaguely remember the Krebs Cycle that Lactic acid is another energy path, and is used during activity, not excreted, and couldn't reconcile that with training books that went on about the <demon lactate>. So does this mean that the existing training lore about Lactate Threshold, Conconi Tests and so on are wrong too? Or, do those concepts still apply in understanding  one's endurance,  power output and training strategies are while you are exercising, and soon after you stop, it's not a lactate problem anymore ? Is lactate buildup an issue ?
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