Should we just eat lower energy food?

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Should we just eat lower energy food?
« on: 01/04/2012 09:29:02 »
Jonathan Wilmarth asked the Naked Scientists:
I just started listing to your show while at work, its great and keeps my mind active. Keep up the great work!
My Question:
I am very frustrated with diet food being all "low calorie" calorie is a unit of energy, so in a since you're eating food that just doesn't have as much potential energy. Wouldn't it be just easier and cheaper to eat less high energy food? Also your body measures how full it is off of your sugar level, and I would think that most of the energy in foods are in the long sugar chains…. So "low calorie" food may actually be worse if you're trying to lose weight.
Also on a side note that high calorie foods taste better =)
Jonathan Wilmarth
Electrical Engineer
Knoxville TN
What do you think?
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