What causes elliptical planetary orbits?

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What causes elliptical planetary orbits?
« on: 03/04/2012 16:56:54 »

Hi Dr Chris,

What a fantastic radio show you put on!

Something I've been wondering for a very long time - I have understood your explanation of why planets revolve around stars - the fact that they have energy and are constantly 'falling' but because they have forward motion and want to keep moving in a straight line, they keep 'missing' the thing they are falling towards and therefore move around it.

What I wanted to ask is why the orbits are often elliptical and not circular. I know that some of the plans have elliptical orbits, and some comets' orbits are very elliptical. How does this work and what causes it?

Thanks very much!

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South Africa

Asked by Benjamin Lunsky

                                        Visit the webpage for the podcast in which this question is answered.


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