Has the Universe aged at all relative to us?

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Has the Universe aged at all relative to us?
« on: 06/04/2012 18:56:30 »
I heard somewhere that the edge of the universe is expanding at the speed of light.... does this not mean that the universe has not actually felt any time pass in the time that matter has observed 13.7 billion years?




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Re: Has the Universe aged at all relative to us?
« Reply #1 on: 08/04/2012 12:46:06 »
This question has no meaning for several reasons

Firstly the concept of a universe feeling time pass as a total unit makes no sense.  A universe may change with time but that has nothing to do with any sensation of ageing

Many of these relative ageing questions are also meaningless.  This is because to talk about ageing you need some sort of measure of time passing with an object.   Atoms and particles may have half lives if they are unstable but do not have a measure of their age.  Complex organisms like people do age and the twin paradox is a potentially genuine observation.

Also the ageing of an object does not refer to the observation or experience of that object only to observation of that object at a distance.  Looking further away we are looking into the past but that is not the experience of the objects we are looking at because we are not seeing them as they are now. 

For both twins in the twin experiment time passed perfectly normally and their identical wrist watches  worked perfectly normally and measured time accurately through the round trip  they just show different times.
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