Study of volume of water near solid Mass

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Study of volume of water near solid Mass
« on: 08/04/2012 11:44:01 »
1/ I would like to understand how the pressure is in a volume of water without external gravity.
2/ And after, how is the pressure when water is near a mass M.

For simplify the study, water is put in a cubic shape of 1m of side and mass M is the same density than water.

1/ In the center of the cube, I see gravity is 0 and forces like the first drawing show. The sides of cube receive the same pressure.

2/ With a mass aside of water, the far side of water has less pressure than closed side because the mass M attrack more water. See second drawing. This is a top view. Like it's possible to put an axis of rotation for cancel the red torques, and like green torques want to rotate the system. I think I'm wrong, can you help me to find the error ?