The Dyatlov Incident

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The Dyatlov Incident
« on: 15/04/2012 02:32:33 »
This following case is really a murder mystery... However, the death's prove that high radiation was involved in the murder, there is also evidence from eye-witnesses stating that UFO's had been seen over the mountains that night. This seems to be connected so strongly to the classic case of UFO's, that one must mention it. Even those who do not find UFO's a credible explanation, some cannot argue the strangeness of the incident itself.

As usual, I will leave it to the reader, to read, the incident before I explain what I think happened

I think, that a UFO had passed over these 9 students. Most tents are usually equipped with some kind of metal fitting which will zip the tent entrance.

What should be kept in mind is that these students opted to cut the tent from the inside rather than using perhaps the quicker route of leaving the tent entrance. If there was an object overhead at the time of their supposed sleep, they probably woke up in great alarm, knowing that something was above them and was slowely heating the place up. If this was true, and my speculations are correct that an object was radiating the area in a blaze of heat, it is possible the metal had been extremely warm to touch, maybe so hot in the anguish of getting out the place fast, they did not look for gloves, but rather opened the tent from the inside to gain a fast escape. Some might argue however, why did they simply not just look for gloves or even something to wrap their hands in to open the tent entrance?

Well, whatever startled them, it seems they did not even have enough time to put two pairs of shoes on, never mind dress themselves properly. I have seen photographs of the bodies and the bodies do show signs of what looks like high radiation... the bodies and hair was black from being irradiated. The conditions are also extremely cold. It does not add up therefore, that the bodies had simply exprienced an accelerated cell degredation. Their bodies should have still been well-preserved.