Where would we site the Lunar Olympics?

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Where would we site the Lunar Olympics?
« on: 29/04/2012 11:30:02 »
Wallace Provost asked the Naked Scientists:

I just ran across your Naked Scientist page and wondered if I could get some help. I am working on a science fiction novel that takes place on the Moon. I have tried my best to make thie locations and events realistically related to the conditions on the Moon to the best of my knowledge. I have come to a chapter where I am trying to describe an Olympic style set of games that take place under a dome which insures an earth-like atmosphere. Absolutely any comments you and your readers can give me while I build this fantastic event would be very helpful.. This is not the plot of the story, just a single chapter. Is there some way to present this question to your readers and get their answers back?

Wallace Provost

What do you think?
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