Could electricity pylons cause a range of health problems?

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Helen Robson  asked the Naked Scientists:
I've been reading some old threads about the link between childhood cancer and electricity pylons. The answer seems to be statistically significant but difficult to prove link. Unlikely.

As a child I lived c.250m from an electricity pylon. Significantly, my (our)primary and high schools were located on the other side c.250m and 100m respectively (pylon actually in high school grounds).

At about age 10 a girl in the street developed severe rheumatoid arthritis. As adults (all nowbetween 45-48) four other children developed:20 years ago and continuing,severe depression and an autoimmune disease (similar to lupus)-now aged 46, an autoimmune disease aged 45where the sufferers skin has peeled off(last year), death aged 45by subarachnoid haemorrhage (Oct 2011) and his brother 48 has developed a brain tumour with epilepsy (Dec 2011)

I suspect we have all just been incredibly unlucky but could there be a link as we spent virtually all of our time within 250m of this pylon?

What do you think?
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