Creating artificial nerve signals in optic nerve

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Creating artificial nerve signals in optic nerve
« on: 02/05/2012 10:27:45 »
Dear Sirs,
I have read your answer about artificial nerve signals, and this idea gives me a great hope to recover injury of my optic nerve.
The thing is that while surgery of the nose, doctor accidentally injured the optic nerve, and as a result one eye lost vision for 95%. This accident happened 9 months ago, and since then I have consulted many doctors in Russia and Germany on possibility to recover the nerve, but they all say that died nerves do not recover.
 In my situation, the nerve is damaged only in one segment, and this segment does not allow the signals to pass to brain. But I do hope that there is a possibility of making something that would replace the injured segment, and provide full movement of signals in the optic nerve.
Could you please comment on my injury, and effectiveness of the idea that came to my mind.

Thank you in advance,
Tashkent, Uzbekistan