a space-time with discrete space and infinite time in both directions: no BB

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A hypothetical de-synthetisation of spacetime as a synthesys of space and time.

Question: is there space for time?  Answer: Only if space is discrete.

The hypothesis:

In spacetime space is discrete, time is a quantity that is building up between points of discretely distributed space. Gravity holds things in place localy, but on the scale beyond gravitational effect, time has an effect of "stretching the spacetime" noticed by cosmological redshift. The universe is getting "bigger", but only in the sense of buildup of time. This gives us infinite time in both directions. The galaxies in this stretching space-time are drifting apart from each other faster than the speed of light, but are not increasing in size themselves, as isnt nothing that is under effect of curvature (gravity) - at the same time as space-time is stretching as measured by cosmological redshift. This is because the building up of time in a spacetime with a discretely distributative space.

Effects listed:

  • time is infinite in both directions from any point of refference,
  • space is discrete, travel is discrete
  • posiibility of no Big Bang at all, or at least no t=0 at all
  • not necesserely a cyclical neither infinite universe, but certainly infinite time without t=0
  • or if there is t=0 there is also a posiible one or more t < 0.
  • time is infinite (limitless) in both future and past
  • in singularity there is no time, but only localy, there is time (endless) outside of singularities
  • gravity seems to have  the exact opposite effect of time in the discrete-spaced spacetime.
  • possible cyclical inflation epochs
  • cosmological redshift beyond Z=1.4 not braking C limit, dillation beyond Z=1.4 effect of adding up of quantity of time

I am researching how this hypothesis could be overthrown. I would like someone to challenge it from a profesiional point-of-view.

some reference (:) )
newbielink:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myjaVI7_6Is&feature=relmfu [nonactive]
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