Solving the Riemann Hypothesis

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Solving the Riemann Hypothesis
« on: 10/05/2012 04:17:49 »
    Mathematics is truly an interesting topic with its share of long standing puzzles. In fact, Clay Mathematics Institute has launched a program aimed at coming up with resolutions for seven of these mathematical conundrums. The Institute has allocated $7 million for this program, $1 million for each problem.

    One of these problems is the Riemann Hypothesis. We recently interviewed an undaunted, independent mathematician who has embarked on solving the Reimann Hypothesis with a fresh, ambitious approach.

    Fadereu Le Fou launched the ZetaTrek project in 2011 as a way of tackling the problem by bringing together a crowd of both mathematicians and laypeople. In fact, anyone with an adventurous spirit, a desire to explore deep mysteries and a willingness to put pencil to paper is encouraged to join. One of the projectís goals is to bring fresh eyes to an old function, and Fadereu says artists are most welcome.

    Asked why he feels non-mathematicians have a shot at solving the problem, Fadereu responded that "Georges Pierre Seurat, the pointillist painter, could see the world of quantum particles 50 years before physicists, and he invented the computer pixel 150 years before programmers. Picasso was painting the fourth dimension with Cubism, and Jackson Pollock foreshadowed the discovery of fractals and chaos in dynamics. The unfortunate chasm between the artist and scientist, which began widening after the Age of Reason (or Age of Enlightenment), is rapidly closing once again."

    If anyone is interested in reading the full article, you can access it here: A Quest to Solve One of Math's Great Puzzles | Zombal Blog.

    As many of your are qualified mathematicians, we'd like to hear any comments or feedback you have!