just introducing my self and background

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just introducing my self and background
« on: 13/05/2012 02:05:21 »
Hello my name is Satrah, love the show. I am currently studying Occupational Therapy and in my second year. Without be biased toward other disciplines, I believe that this is one of the best degrees in the world with a focus on doing within the occupations we choose and the role we play within the occupations. Occupation is the everyday ordinary things we do, some people are teachers, paints, mechanic scientists, students and the occupational list can go on and on. If I take student as an example, the roles would be touch typing on the computer, lessoning skills, hand writing note in lectures, completing assignments, communicating with others, asking questions, and many more. If a person has an injury of some sort or struggles with mental health issues, an occupational therapist can intervene and help with skills that are affected.   A lot of my questions that I will be asking in this forum will be around doing and how we do thinks in our everyday lives. This includes multitasking and is it possible to effectively perform this skill and complete a number of tasks at the same time.

I am fascinated by the concept of transferring skills from one task and applying it to other tasks or activities. For example touch typing, I learnt this skill at school and hated it. Computers were not common at homes and I did not see the point in doing it but when I left school I was watching some play the guitar and I saw a lot in common in the person playing the guitar and touch typing independent movement of fingers, so I bought a guitar. Later I joined the choral society as I saw playing the guitar notes were the same as sing. Once I got the practice of singing notes I bought a violin as I did not have frets like a guitar and I had to rely on my skills of recognising the sound of the notes though cord and scales. The breathing use in singing happens to be about the same as playing the flute so I bought a flute.

With limited time to play all these musical instruments I have decided to play some of them only 5 minutes of the day and I was surprised that within this time frame I am still making progress in learning.
In Occupational Therapy we are taught to perform a task analysis were activities that are performed are broken down in the steps were the activity cannot be broken down any more and sequence the steps in a logical form. As a result of lack of money to pay for singing lessons, I have decided to perform a task analysis on sing.  I have work out a person is only singing about 5 sounds and these are the sound of the vowels. I guessed that when we speech word normally the consonants is more prominent but with singing it is the opposite and the sound is dragged out over time.  With progression I have learnt to increase the volume and decrease it.  No songs are sung at this stage and I am still progressing in this quest of learning how to sing. I m not going to ever be able to sing at the Sydney opera house but I can still develop and learn as a person and gain the health benefits of doing and the positive aspects on my mental health.

Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes, this is still my weak point in writing.