How is evolution shaping cancers?

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How is evolution shaping cancers?
« on: 14/05/2012 18:21:35 »
One of the biggest genetics stories this month came from the world of cancer research. Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Professor Charles Swanton and his team discovered that different parts of a tumour - as well tumours that have spread to other parts of the body -  have different patterns of gene faults. His work builds on other recent findings suggesting that cancer may be much more complicated on a genetic level than we ever thought, and has big implications for the future of personalised cancer treatment.

I spoke to Professor Swanton, who’s based at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, about his new results, and what it means for our understanding of cancer and how we treat it.
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here

or [chapter podcast=3945 track=12.03.14/Naked_Genetics_12.03.14_10112.mp3] Listen to it now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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