How do we know how big to grow?

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How do we know how big to grow?
« on: 14/05/2012 18:25:41 »
We’ve already heard how genes control the growth of an organism from single fertilised cell. But how do we know when to stop? Why do animals reach a certain size and then stop, and how do the organs inside our bodies know when they’ve reached the right size too? As you can probably guess, the answer also lies within our genes.

To discover why we don’t grow forever, I spoke to Dr Nick Tapon, who leads the Apoptosis and Proliferation Control Laboratory at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute.
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here

or [chapter podcast=3946 track=12.04.14/Naked_Genetics_12.04.14_10125.mp3] Listen to it now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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