How can tiny worms help us find new drugs?

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How can tiny worms help us find new drugs?
« on: 07/06/2012 14:15:43 »
When you think of super-models, you may think of skinny, pouting beauties strutting up and down the catwalk. But one of the more recent stars on the modelling scene in the world of genetics research is just over a millimetre long, completely transparent, and you can pop it in the fridge over the weekend. To find out more about these curious creatures, I spoke to Jonathan Hodgkin, Professor of Genetics at the University of Oxford.
Read a transcript of the interview by clicking here

or [chapter podcast=3976 track=12.05.14/Naked_Genetics_12.05.14_10129.mp3] Listen to it now[/chapter] or [download as MP3]
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