Light Saber

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Light Saber
« on: 23/05/2012 15:21:00 »
So I had this idea that you could basically take a taser and throw the arc out a few feet using magnetic waves.  The "saber" actually being a very long, wide elliptical electrical arc.

You guys think it will work?


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Re: Light Saber
« Reply #1 on: 24/05/2012 05:37:51 »
A taser probably won't have the power to do what you want, or the ability to keep putting out the power.

You might look at a Jacob's Ladder, which actually is an electrical arc through plasma. 

A powerful plasma arc would likely be a good cutting instrument, but you would have to be careful that the plasma arc isn't interrupted by what you're cutting.  You would need to have an electrode at both ends of the "saber", so no plunging it through a wall.  And, other than the electrode structure, there would be nothing to keep two arcs from passing through each other.

Here was a discussion about lightsabers on TNS earlier.
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