is mass quantified at quantum level?

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is mass quantified at quantum level?
« on: 25/05/2012 05:23:31 »

 I am not aware of any quantum theory that would attempt to quantify the "mass".
 Does it make any sens to think at a elementary quanta of proper mass?


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Re: is mass quantified at quantum level?
« Reply #1 on: 25/05/2012 07:24:54 »
It makes sense that particles with certain proper masses are stable while all other values of proper mass are unstable. This does NOT imply the existence of a smallest unit of proper mass, of which heavier particles must consist.
If a chaotic system is close to an attractor, it tends to stabilize into the attractive state. Personally, I believe the stable particles are chaotic attractors in a chaotic soup of regular energy and dark energy. If they have slightly too much energy, they shed just enough energy to reach the nearest stable state.
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