What are some benefits for taking vitamins?

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What are some benefits for taking vitamins?
« on: 13/06/2012 05:11:20 »
Im taking vitamins but all i know is that theyre healthy for you lol. i just wana know what those healthy things are :)
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Re: What are some benefits for taking vitamins?
« Reply #1 on: 13/06/2012 06:54:00 »
Vitamin manufactures make lots of money!!!

There is a lot of controversy about the use of vitamins, especially with "megadose vitamins".

If one has a balanced diet, then perhaps vitamins are not necessary at all, although I do think there are benefits of a good multivitamin.

I had long heard the benefits of taking Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health.  However, even that is being scrutinized.  There seems to be a moderate decrease in bone fractures in the elderly who take Calcium + Vit D for an extended period of time, starting during an asymptomatic period.  However, beginning to take Calcium+Vit D after the first fracture isn't preventative for future fractures.

There may be negative consequences of taking high dose calcium such as constipation and kidney stones.

Vitamins come in several classes including minerals water soluble, and fat soluble.  It is difficult to overdose on water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin C as it is quickly excreted by the kidneys.

It is possible to overdose on fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin D or E at very high doses for extended periods.

There are some diseases such as rickets due to vitamin D, calcium, magnesium or phosphorus deficiency.  Scurvy is caused by Vitamin C deficiency, and was a major problem for early sailors until they started taking limes and lime juice for the prevention of scurvy during long sea voyages.

There may be weak associations between some vitamins and prevention of dementia.