Does sunlight accelerate fingernail growth?

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Does sunlight accelerate fingernail growth?
« on: 15/06/2012 16:30:01 »
R MOLE  asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Naked Scientists

I recently got married and was obviously well manicured and pedicured for the occasion, but only a few days laterI found it became necessary to cut both my fingernails and my toe nails on a further two occasionsduring our 2 week honeymoon.

Iwas totally amazed at the rate of nail growth and my new wife told me that "nails grow much faster in sunlight".

This explanation seemed to make sense as we were on honeymoon in an equatorial country where the sun was extremely strong, but somehow I struggle with this answer.

So can you tell me if there is any Medical or Scientific evidence to suggest that Nails grow faster in sunlight and if this is not a reason for rapid nail growth what is? diet etc?

Many thanks

Ray Mole (Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. UK)

What do you think?
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