Interaction of a particle with a quantum field

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Interaction of a particle with a quantum field
« on: 17/06/2012 19:12:48 »
I am reading every book on the subject of present time physics, but sometimes the writers do not realize that their descriptions (which they believe clear for the layman) are not at all such. I would like to describe for you a so called
"thought experiment". I hope you will help me discover what I have not understood.
First, let's put two metal plates parallel, with their distance much lower than the transverse dimensions. Then connect
the two plates to a source of electricity like an accumulator or battery as you like to call it. Now classicaly inside that space there will be an uniform electrical field. An electron travelling along a straight line enters the field. Classically its
trajectory will became a parabola due a constant force created by the field. After exiting the field, the electron will continue along a different straight path.
Now let's describe things as I have understood from modern phisics. The electron travels surrounded by an "uncertainty box" . When it enters the field, virtual (?) photons will hit the electron "inside the uncertainty box" making it change direction. Could we still speak of a continuos path for the electron, or we should imagine an immense number of straight segments? Thanks for taking time reading this. Paolo de Magistris, Rome.
Paolo de Magistris