VolcanoLIVE - what do you want on the screens?

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VolcanoLIVE - what do you want on the screens?
« on: 05/07/2012 19:38:31 »
Dear all,
With VolcanoLIVE about to hit the screens (I am excited), I thought I would pose the question 'what geology do you want on your screens?'

As Dr Volcano ( newbielink:http://www.dougalearth.com [nonactive]) I am a keen advocate of Science Outreach, and understand the need to get good science (Earth Science in my field), onto mainstream formats. BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, ITV, Channel 4, History Channel etc. web and news based articles etc. and books!

I am a great supporter of Science outreach, as I am sure you are......
so in your view 'What Earth Science material do want to see on your screens?' :-)

Best Dr V.