What is the relationship of the Higgs Boson to the graviton?

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Might be similar musings to Acecharly....


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The graviton is like the photon it is the quantum particle that transmits gravitational energy so it is probably similar to it in that it obeys the same energy formula that the photon obeys Planck's constant times the frequency.

Consider now relative frequencies of typical gravitational and electromagnetic interactions.  1 Megahertz electromagnetic frequencies are very low and the quanta very low energy indeed  most low energy quantum interactions are in the Terahertz range and above one million times higher frequency than this.   A very fast gravitational interaction would be one Herz and typical ones take hours days or years so on this basis the individual quanta are incredibly low energy.

For gravitational interactions to become significantly energetic distances and times need to be vastly smaller involving the planck scales and below.

The Higgs boson is seen to define the mass but not the relative weakness of the gravitational field.  This will require further understanding.  My guess we will need to know a lot more about Cosmology, Dark matter particles and dark energy sources and theories of why the value of Planck's constant is what it is.

I could suggest some places and ways to look but I would stray into new theories if I did this.
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