Do photons each carry an entire picture, or just part of it?

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Louis Kruger asked the Naked Scientists:
I am an avid listener to the show on Talk 702 (Redi Thlabi)

Always stunned by the diversity and depth of Chris's Knowlege. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I have a question about Photons. Does each photon contain the entire picture? (When it reflects back into our eyes) How does our brain assemble the picture?

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What do you think?
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We had a similar question to this very recently.  The only information that an individual photon carries is its frequency (colour) and the direction from which it has come.  It requires a great many individual photons to create an image which includes photons coming from a range of angles with different frequencies and sufficient numbers to create a range of intensities per picture element
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Soulsurfer is of course correct.  I think each individual photon does also technically carry polarization information as well - but as measurement of polarization is a yes/no observation for individual photons; you wouldn't be able to find out much.
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