Ask Feedback: Albinos suffer at the hands of witchdoctors

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Brian Byrne  asked the Naked Scientists:
Good morning

Re - Albinos

Whenever possible I listen to, and enjoy, your half hour on radio 702.

There is another danger that albinos face, quite apart from the medical ones that you mentioned.

The murder by witchdoctors of albinos for their body parts is common in East Africa and the practice is moving south all the time.

As far as I am aware it has not happened here although the killing of young children for the same purpose is fairly common; together with the killing of persons accused of being witches.

Many years ago the colonial administrations in most African countries passed legislation to suppress witchcraft but we now have the ruling party in South Africa talking about repealing that particular act.

These crimes are seldom investigated because of the "culture" aspect and it is politically incorrect to talk publicly about the problem.

My background is in the old Nyasaland, Northern Rhodesia & Southern Rhodesia so I have seen more than enough.

Best wishes


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