Feedback: eye-movements and untruths

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Feedback: eye-movements and untruths
« on: 20/07/2012 11:30:01 »
Amelie Recon  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi There,

I've just heard your podcast about [eye-movements and telling lies] and would take issue with it!

I'm a forensic psychologist and should just like to point out that the eye-movement we look for, is meant to detect untruths which are "made up as people go along" which is rather different to telling a planned lie.  The "made up as you go along" type of lie - which often occurs in Police interviews as people can't predict every single question they may be asked in advance - IS reflected by shifting eye movements and the reason HAS been empirically tested, peer reviewed and published! The reason for the shift in eye movement is that the person is using the creative side of their brain to 'invent' a story, whereas the truth teller uses the 'recognition' and memory zones of the brain which are located in a slightly different region. Hence, when people are making something up as they go along, their eye direction WILL shift.  There are obvious exceptions to this - people who are on certain types of neuroleptics, or anti-epileptics, and some types
 of sedatives and anti-depressants (particularly SSRI'S) can sometimes fool the people trying to watch for eye movement shifts. All of these drugs effect the central nervous system in one way or another, hence they can alter how our brains work whether under stress or not. There are also people who classify as what, in the olden days, would have been termed a "pathological liar" (nowadays, most of these people would fit into a BPD, borderline personality disorder) and these people can also occasionally fool detectors because they are very 'fluent' in lying and have often told the same, or very similar, lies in the past and therefore they ARE utilising the memory/recall centers and NOT the creative centers.

Planned lying is altogether different and does NOT produce the change in eye direction.

Hope that's helpful in some way!

All kindest regards
Amelie Recon.
What do you think?
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