Could we fold space and re-view the big bang?

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Could we fold space and re-view the big bang?
« on: 21/07/2012 08:30:01 »
Vinny Clegg asked the Naked Scientists:
If folding of space became possible, and we could accurately calculate when the big bang happened, would we be able to watch the big bang happen if we travelled that many billions of light years away from the centre of the universe?
It would make an interesting attraction, because we could keep continuing to watch it happen, again and again!
Which also brings me to my next question - if we went even further away so we could theoretically see what was there before the universe happened?
I think the universe is under a constant cycle of: a big bang -> expanding until gravity wins and starts retracting on itself again until 1 singular -> and again a big bang etc.
Yours sincerely

Vinny Clegg

What do you think?
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