Could graphene oxide act as a liquid water filter?

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Craig Marshall  asked the Naked Scientists:
I just listened to the report in last week's podcast on using the properties of graphene oxide to separate water from whatever is dissolved in it.  

The report seemed to focus on covering a container and having the non-water contents evaporate out through the graphene oxide membrane, leaving the water.  I was wondering if it would be possible, and easier, to use the graphene oxide as a filter and pour the liquid through it.  It seems the water would go right through, leaving everything else, much faster than it would take for evaporation.
I would like to have something like this for filtering water while camping.
Thanks for a great show.
Craig Marshall
Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

What do you think?
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Re: Could graphene oxide act as a liquid water filter?
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I may be completely wrong in this, but I think that graphene absorbs H2O [nofollow]