What is hyperhydrosis?

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What is hyperhydrosis?
« on: 23/07/2012 18:30:02 »
Ntombizodwa Mhlongo  asked the Naked Scientists:
Good day Chris,

Kindly define what hyperhydrosis is & if there is a cure for it.

I believe i am suffering from this condition due to my excessive sweating under armpits which usually leaves embarrassing sweat marks when wearing colourful clothing! I have been battling with this for the past 2yrs. Still have not found a permanent solution. I had to resort to anti - persiperants high in alcohol etc. However that is just a temporary measure.
Initially I thought this was aggravated by my weight gain or global warming. I suppose this might involve hormonal imbalance.
I also tried accupuncture to balance my body heat levels but that did not help.

I do not want to do botox because that has a long term effect. I read up on it.
Looking forward to your advice!

Warm Regards,
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