Chinese swimmer

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Chinese swimmer
« on: 01/08/2012 01:30:49 »
I was watching the news about the Olympics today, and the accusations that the female swimmer from China must have been using some drug in order to perform the way she did. Pharmacy is definitely not my area, but I thought most performance enhancing drugs improved over all performance (bigger stronger muscles.) But what drug can deliver a sudden boost of oxygen and energy to working muscles or make them suddenly start contracting more efficiently? I'm almost more inclined to believe she wasn't on anything, and really was just pacing herself.


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Re: Chinese swimmer
« Reply #1 on: 01/08/2012 03:05:41 »
I'm not sure about the debate over the race.

No doubt that anybody that is able to compete on the Olympic level, whether they take first or somewhere in the middle of the pack, they are all excellent athletes. 

There may be a few general classes of drugs.
  • Steroids might be something used in training to build up more muscles.
  • Adrenaline might be used to give a bit of extra stamina at the race.
  • Erythropoietin helps build the RBC count, and thus improves oxygenation.
  • What about pain meds?
  • There is also a special class of beta blockers prohibited for rifle and target practice events for calming/steadying effect.[/url]
Many endurance races involves sprints.  For example bicycle races might involve 100 miles of intense riding, followed by a brutal sprint over the last mile or so.

Anyway, I would agree with the later reports.  Do the tests.  Keep an eye out for "designer drugs".  But give athletes the benefit of the doubt until something improper is proven.

I suppose so much is dependent on race day.  One could freeze blood, plasma, and hair samples for later testing, perhaps in a decade.  But, by then many of the athletes will be all but forgotten.

For those that shave, what about plucking eyebrows and eyelashes?