Is dry walling bad for your health?

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Is dry walling bad for your health?
« on: 01/08/2012 03:30:01 »
Donald asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris.

Can you please tell me if dry walling has negative effects on ones health? My family and I were healthy then we moved to a new home built from dry walling since then we are always ill with sinus, asthma,bronchitis...

Please help, from Donald, South Africa

What do you think?
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Re: Is dry walling bad for your health?
« Reply #1 on: 01/08/2012 18:32:37 »
There were a lot of problems in the US recently caused by inferior imported drywall that contained a lot of power station fly-ash. This led to a lot of corrosion of electrical fittings and plumbing. In some cases the houses had to be completely gutted and rebuilt. I imagine this could cause some health issues too, but whether this has anything to do with your situation I do not know.

If I remember correctly, the houses in the US that had the problem were mainly in areas with high humidity. A lot of people noticed a "rotten egg" smell, which suggests the presence of poisonous hydrogen sulphide gas.


I found this link
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Re: Is dry walling bad for your health?
« Reply #2 on: 03/08/2012 09:12:05 »
Gypsum based plaster / drywall has been banned from UK landfill as acidic leachate in the waste mass breaks the grpsum down and releases hydrogen sulphide. 

There were several reasons for doing this (apart from the smell) including chronic exposure (low levels over a long time) leading to respiritory irritation and eye problems for staff and nearby residents. 

I had not heard about that Chinese drywall problem - certainly a possibility (and pretty alarming too!)