Do we have a finite number of heartbeats?

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Do we have a finite number of heartbeats?
« on: 01/08/2012 15:30:02 »
Rob Faraone asked the Naked Scientists:
As one interested in physical fitness (but now age 65) I have wondered about the theory that "we all have  a certain number of heartbeats programmed into us. If some other factor doesn't end our lives, we'll run out of heartbeats."  

The practical question I have from this is this:

By training at accelerated hearbeats regularly, does one "use up" this resource?  Or does the better conditioning end up meaning in non-exercise periods, the heartbeats slow due to more efficient circulation thus the total heartbeats per year of adulthood are reduced if one exercises thus one can live longer (again if something else doesn't get us)?  
Rob Faraone

What do you think?
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