Redating the Sphinx of Egypt

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Redating the Sphinx of Egypt
« on: 09/06/2006 06:24:20 »
Re-Dating the Sphinx of Egypt

Video about it a bit
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In the 1990s the evidence of water erosion determined the Sphinx to be built in 10,000 BC, as opposed to the previously held 2500 BC dating for the Sphinx

Redating the sphinx-
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I noticed this site because of the first part, talking about the Re-dating of the Sphinx, but there's a lot of other suff on there too it looks like
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    On 23rd October 1991, Schoch presented his material to the Geological Society of America, where it was grudgingly accepted rather than embraced

    The American Association for the Advancement of Science scheduled a session to debate the issue at its annual general meeting in Chicago on 7th February 1992. Lehner attended along with geologist K. Lal Gauri of the University of Louisville, who had also studied the Sphinx for many years. West also attended and presented his arguments. (17)


    Once again, the water erosion findings were endorsed even though Egyptologists themselves could not bring themselves to accept the implications of this endorsement. The AAAS meeting broke up in words that, according to the New York Times "skated on the icy edge of scientific politeness"

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