Why Does Looking Away Lessen The Pain Of An Injection ?

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Dearest Injectionologists !...such a  strange trade ewe have....spending all day long injecting things !...sheesh !!

Anyway, as a sheepy I actually do not mind injections !...(as long as it’s someone else having them..lol...erhmm...*le groan*)......no...actually I truly do not mind having them but for me...I insist on seeing the injection happening !....This serves my desire to control my anxiety and I prefer to know when the injection is happening !...I don't like the ‘surprise’ element !...

Take a look at Cecilia Reportage The 3rd....................She’s a fine looking filly who happens to be receiving an injection. She’s chosen to look away and despite that she’s still in agony !...Oh dear !!.......what a shame !..(lol)


Cecilia Reportage The 3rd Receiving Injection Luff Earlier Today !

Nice eh ?

I’ve booked her in for a daily six month acupuncture treatment to relieve her anxiety of receiving.......................acupuncture  !!..........DOH !!!

But ewe know what ?...Apparently Cecilias unwilling to see the injection is the correct thing to do. It seems that it is proven that ‘looking away’ does indeed lessen the pain !!!!....why’s that then ?

Why Does Looking Away Lessen The Pain Of An Injection ?

whajafink ?

hugs and shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !

Don’t Look At These Words !!*

*Ewe looked !!
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Re: Why Does Looking Away Lessen The Pain Of An Injection ?
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Looking away means you do not see the violation of what the brain regards as "I Myself" by a sharp object, something to be avoided. If you do not see it you are left with the poor resolution of the pain receptors in the skin, and these can be confused and overridden by tapping the area immediately prior to putting in the needle.

Of course if you want to inflict pain you just shove it in and inject cold. I did remind the medic that wanted to do that that there were 4 things he should remember. I will wake up, I am senior to him, his superior would not be impressed and I knew where he slept. Lot gentler then on removing the really badly infected toenail. Cutting and such no problem, just that last shot of local under the nail..............