Are there any radiation risks from baby monitors?

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Reina Shebesta  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Chris -

I have baby monitors. 1 Angelcare analog monitor with pad sensor. The manufacturer says that the pad is completely passive and the transmitter works on 900mhz and 2.4 ghz. I don't understand how it operates on both.

I also have an analog Summer video monitor - 900 mhz.

We used the Angelcare monitor for six months, then my son slept in our bed for approx. 4 months, then back to his crib with the Angelcare monitor.

My husband hooked up the video monitor last year to be used during my son's naptime. He opted about six months ago to leave the Summer transmitter on for ease, and we have usually left the Angelcare transmitter on, turning on the receivers when in use.

I was EMF ignorant until 2 days ago when I ran across an article on EMF and digital baby monitors. I have now been googling like crazy, and feel somewhat better, but am still concerned about the exposure that my toddler has experienced with these monitors running simultaneously in our room. For that matter, my husband and I have been exposed as well as our son is in our room.

Can you please let me know if there is radiation risk to my son and have I unwittingly put him at any health risk?

Please reply.

Thank you.

Reina Shebesta

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