Will piezoelectrics always produce a current flow for all applied stresses?

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Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain materials to generate the charges on surface of itself under application of stress.

Lets take the quartz sample. Apply force to it, make it compress. According to piezoelectric effect minus and plus charges will generate over the opposite surfaces of crystal. Thus we can measure the voltage between these charges in an open circuit. We can make several thousand of volts via corresponding high compressional force. 

My question is related to closed circuit. If we take quartz sample and apply stress to it in closed circuit then what would happen???

It is obvious that the current will flow through the circuit and voltage will disappear. However, might there be any small quantity of stress that the voltage generated by this action would not be enough to make current flux??

I was wondering might there be any saturation value of stress and voltage that the current flux does not take place until this value is reached…..

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