Would this design work to create a deuterium plasma?

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Can evri one help me with this problem ?
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Can any body move this topic to Fyzics forum ?
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Re: Deuterium plasma
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I think your intention is to produce a stable plasma of deuterium ions from deuterium gas. It is not totally clear whether you are wanting D+ or D2+

Your diagram does not imply an electrostatic field nor a magnetic field, because no ground nor location with a different potential is involved. Are you perhaps meaning a quadrupole field, where one pair of opposite terminals should be at negative potential? Or is there a magnetic field perpendicular to the plane of the page? Or is the diagram indicating that the outer shell is at a uniform +10 kV relative to a grounded inner core? And are you expecting an applied electric (or magnetic) field to function as an ion source? And finally, what sorts of pressure of deuterium gas are you expecting to work with, and what sort of number density of ions are you hoping to obtain in any plasma you might produce?

Your diagram (sorry, but it is very hard to see exactly what it means) looks a little as though you might be thinking of a "quadrupole ion trap" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrupole_ion_trap
which can be used to trap ions with a particular mass-to-charge ratio in relatively stable orbits, while allowing others to discharge at the walls or escape the system. But a quadrupole ion trap does require that the ions are produced elsewhere for feeding into this part of the system, and it can only operate at quite high vacuum and low number density of ions.

In any event this message looks to be more appropriate for a physics rather than a chemistry forum.

And we might even need reassurance that you were not trying to make a nuclear fusion reactor in your back yard! [;)]
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