Can any sky happen anywhere?

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Can any sky happen anywhere?
« on: 15/09/2012 12:19:11 »
I saw a really pretty sunrise where I live, and it got me thinking about skies and their locations.

I've seen some pictures of some REALLY beautiful skies and always wondered if those sorts of images were exclusive to those locations. For example, could anywhere have aurora borealis, or only places near the Poles? That's just one example, though.

Main question: Can any sky happen anywhere?

I understand some night skies are impossible in places with lots of light pollution, so I guess don't count those :{o~


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Re: Can any sky happen anywhere?
« Reply #1 on: 16/09/2012 12:53:47 »
Here is a one-place sunrise, that only happens on certain days of certain years:

The Aurora is mostly seen near the poles, although a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun injects more energetic particles into the Earth's magnetosphere, causing the auroral circle to spread out further from the poles. In the early 1770s, the Endeavour, captained by the explorer James Cook reported an Aurora near the equator.