infrared images of earths poles?

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infrared images of earths poles?
« on: 17/09/2012 22:54:05 »
i was looking at this amazing images of saturns pole in the infrared showing the giant hexagon at the pole, and also other planets and moons,but when looking for any of earths poles in the infrared which i thought would be simple seems not to be so simple and wonder why this is,amazing images of other planets but none or very poor quaility of earths poles in infrared.anyone know where they can be found?cheers.


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Re: infrared images of earths poles?
« Reply #1 on: 26/09/2012 12:30:31 »

The Landsat works in multiple bands across the Infrared and visible and covers all of the globe

here is a nice example of a multi-ban IR picture to show the different bits of a close up of Antarctica

and for antarctica

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