dark matter, maybe?

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dark matter, maybe?
« on: 24/09/2012 20:07:26 »
dark matter candidates (that I'm aware of) are exotic new particles, cold neutrinos, and now really hot ions from regular old matter:


is possible?


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Re: dark matter, maybe?
« Reply #1 on: 29/09/2012 00:21:53 »
That was new to me, although old.


"Baryons are particles, such as protons and neutrons, that make up more than 99.9 percent of the mass of atoms found in the cosmos. Measurements of extremely distant gas halos and galaxies indicate the baryonic matter present when the universe was only a few billion years old represented about one-sixth the mass and density of the existing unobservable, or dark, matter.

In the current epoch, about 10 billion years later, a census of the baryons present in stars and gas in our galaxy and nearby galaxies shows at least half the baryons are unaccounted for. "

It only accounts for the missing 'normal matter' we're made of.
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