Could you summarise your news at the end of the show?

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Etienne Danis

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Etienne Danis  asked the Naked Scientists:
I love your show. I am a big fan.

I just did the survey.
I just forgot to add 2 suggestions to improve your show:

First, I thought that sometimes it could be better to speak more slowly. I have a PhD in biology and biochemistry but sometimes you present information in a very quick way and it makes it a bit harder to listen to or to understand. If you are limited in time, what don't you do several parts? "Science Friday" or "Fresh Air" do their podcasts in several segments. For example, 5 segments of 20 min each.
Second, I also thought that it may be interesting to summarize the news at the end of your show. After listening to many podcasts, I recently realized that at the end of a podcast, I forgot most of it but if I listen to the beginning of your podcast again when you introduced what you are going to talk about, then I can remember much more. If it works for me, it should work for a lot of people.

One of the podcasts I listen to, "How to do everything" already uses this memory trick.
I hope these suggestions can help you make the best science podcast.
Best regards,

What do you think?
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