Temperature variant pressure drop

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Temperature variant pressure drop
« on: 10/10/2012 11:29:32 »
We are having a debate here at work as to how we can determine the ideal conditions to fill a 5 liter SCBA (not SCUBA- however the principle would be consistent) air tank to 300 BAR with a single fill.
Obviously we would need to take into acount thermal decompression.
Would conditioned air be a more suitable medium?
*Please note we are in the middle east where tempature and humidity are both high year round.* 

1) what is the ideal temperature? 
2) What is the ideal humidity?
3) What pressure is needed to overcome thermal decompression?
4) What is the formula? (If there is one)
5) Is there a variable value; is it dependant on pressure and volume? SCALE?