Is there a musical version of "Cellar Door"

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Is there a musical version of "Cellar Door"
« on: 17/10/2012 16:41:16 »
Having just recently watched Donnie Darko there is a scene in it where the words "cellar door" are given as an example of a beautiful phrase....(Hang on !!...goes to check wiki)....

A couple mins Wikipedia explains it quite well

The English compound noun cellar door (especially in its British pronunciation of /sɛləˈdɔə/) is commonly used as an example of a word or phrase which is beautiful in terms of phonaesthetics (i.e., sound) with no regard for semantics (i.e., meaning). It has been variously presented either as merely one beautiful instance of many, or as the most beautiful in the English language.

Is there a melodic version of this kind of perfect/beautiful phrase ?

whajafink ?

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Re: Is there a musical version of "Cellar Door"
« Reply #1 on: 19/10/2012 03:32:58 »
One line goes "Ain't got no rain barrel, ain't got no cellar door, but we'll be jolly friends, forever more". I'm not musical enough to describe the tune, though.