What make muscles stiffen after a work-out?

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What make muscles stiffen after a work-out?
« on: 18/10/2012 21:30:01 »
Daniel Flannery asked the Naked Scientists:
Love the show listen all the time. Especially love Kat's voice can't get enough.

First muscle sourness/ tightness: what causes muscles to be stiff a few hours or the morning after a work out ? Does the myosin and actin bind up or is it lactic acid ?

Also I noticed if I hold a stretch for a long time immediately following a work out (say the front splits for 60 seconds each leg after a long run ) i prevent the soreness. How is that happening?

Thirdly, if I drink a protein shake when the muscles are tight I notice them loosen shortly after having the protein shake.

What do you think?
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Re: What make muscles stiffen after a work-out?
« Reply #1 on: 19/10/2012 08:15:16 »
The reason why our muscles ache after a workout is that the muscles have micro tears due to the strenuous exercise. This triggers the cell growth and your muscle mass increases. This is how body building works. Typically it take around 48 hours for the body to repair your muscles. This is where the steroids come in. The reason body builders take steroids is that it increases the rate of repair of muscles. This means your muscles will grow faster and you will recover from the soreness sooner. I saw this in a TV program, probably National Geographic or Discovery Channel. I'm not a doctor so I believe what they have said :)


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