How do pigeons navigate?

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How do pigeons navigate?
« on: 05/11/2012 22:15:58 »
Do scientists need to be hit between the eyes with a hammer to gain their attention ?
After explaining to a Cambridge graduate that homing pigeons that are mated on the same day lay their eggs ten days later and will do so simultaneously and with split second accuracy. I got the answer that It has been proved that pigeons don't have a body clock ??? Then, after telling the same scientist that I can show that pigeons also have a biological sextant that is both macroscopic  and easily demonstrable, I got the answer "That cant be true as the consensus is that pigeons use magnetic field lines to navigate!"  Is research a dying art, or has some momentous discovery been made regarding this subject, that is being kept secret? 
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Re: pigeon navigation
« Reply #1 on: 13/02/2013 09:45:34 »
I'm sure it is now established that as they approach their home base, pigeons make for obvious  landscape features and even follow roads, when it would be shorter to fly directly.  I read that they have even been recorded as flying roundabouts. (I must add disapprovingly, no signals). Sorry. clumsy attempt at humour...