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« on: 28/11/2012 08:32:01 »
is Equation necessary in theory?Can theory work without equation?Because i have made an theory which dosent have equation can theory work by logic n nt by equation
... ?


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Re: Theories
« Reply #1 on: 14/12/2012 16:25:54 »
I think at best you have a hypothesis or an idea - possibly just a new way of observing nature.  Nowadays theories require testability, predictive power, and falsifiability.  There is no dogmatic scientific method (outside history of science classes) - but you have to be able to put numbers and predictions on things. 

The thing with equations is that they are readily checkable - for instance if you give me an equation in physics I can perform a dimensional analysis, and within 5 minutes I might be able to claim it is nonsense.  But with a text based theory so much is dependent on interpretation, context, subjective notions, and personal preferences.  In many years on science fora I would aver that the main problem with theories based on logic is not the progression of the formalism; it is in the axiomata.  "if we take A and B to be true..." -"hmm! I don't take either A or B to be true..."

Try it on the New Theories board - but  keep the explanation sharp and to the point.
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