Do You Beleive The Theory May Be True?

The Theory Of S.E.Q. Solar Ejection Quakes.

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The Theory Of S.E.Q. Solar Ejection Quakes.
« on: 28/11/2012 22:42:14 »
I have studied seismology since I was in elementary school. I am 15 now and am very ambitious, and a bit cocky.
But bear with me here, I think I may have unlocked the secret to quake prediction.
How? Well not full prediction, but a method to predict.
I have long waited to share this with similar minds and fellow thinkers.
If anyone has watched the movie 2012 you'll understand a good portion of what I am talking about.
In the first scene the Indian scientist shows the American scientist how the Earth is boiling out from the inside and blames solar activity. While many denounce these kinds of possiblities as pseudo science I am willing to accept them and prove them.
Although the effects are massivly blown out of proportion in the film. Thanks Hollywood.
Here is how it works.
Solar Flares and CMEs occur often on the sun's surface and spit out neutrinos when they do. Many do not worry about these events as our magnetic field deflects most of the flare, if not all of it. But, as many of you know, we are in a period of magnetic shift in which the magnetic poles periodically shift positions to keep balance. When they do, the field naturally weakens. This would theoretically leave us more vulnerable to flares. Each flare batters our magnetic field and ignites geomagnetic storms. The storms themselves are being considered by some scientists a possible cause for quakes by the theory on skyquakes. If you think of the poles as rubber bands, they vibrate when you pull them and release them. So, they would have an effect on plate motion by jolting the field, and in effect, the core, causing a seismic instability which must be released. This would explain Christchurch because we were being battered by a freak solar wind stream. Another way these cause quakes is the manifestation of neutrinos in the ionosphere. If they were to get deep enough to, lets say the mantle, even a slight temprature change could alter the natural patterns of plate tectonics radically. This I can prove by telling you that I predicted the Japanese Earthquake of 2011 a week beforehand by looking at solar activity. We were hit by countless C and M class flares, a CME, and an X class flare just days before. And the island moved 8.5 feet! This is not a natural tectonic cycle we are looking at here, this is something very different and very strange. The only thing I can't figure out most of the time, is where they will occur, so usually I just pick levels of high activity. Next one from the date this was posted will likely be around South America, Mexico, or the Central USA.