Architect Theory

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Architect Theory
« on: 02/01/2013 14:48:26 »
This is a continued version of CORS. If there are multiple universi, and if CORS is correct, than it would truly solve the Hawking Paradox. It would prove once and for all that Hawking Radiation does not exist. It can't exist for several reasons, in particular the black hole would suck any radiation back into itself. The radiation would not even get past the event horizon. If you read CORS before you come here, and you try to draw a diagram of it, you'll notice the shape of the diagram is similar to the design of a high rise. The black/white holes act as wormholes connecting the universi to each other. It would bend the fabric of space slightly coopertively with each hole. If there are multiple universi, they can be connected by these holes. The bending of the fabric could be pulling apart our current universe. But there is no cause for alarm. I estimate it would take unbeleivable amounts of energy to do so entirely. And if I'm right, than black/white holes have limited lifetimes. I don't know how long, but physics dictate that in such a scenario the hole's "string" would collapse eventually sealing off the hole.

Sorry if this isn't worded well, not quite the best speaker.