Risky metal hip implants

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Risky metal hip implants
« on: 03/01/2013 19:57:34 »
I had my hip replacement done about 10 weeks ago but my new hip doesn't look normal it doesn't make pain but the new hip look bigger than the one on normal leg. I still walk on one crutch and takes time walking through where I want to go, itís really annoying especially when I need to hurry. I had been numerous visit to my doctor but he canít see anything even when my x-rays. It feels so sad and worry with what my life is going through now, it feels that Iím useless. This is to prove that metal-on-metal hip implant has a high-failure which I read from a certain blog and maybe Iím one of those patients who were suffering from too much pain and a victim.

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Re: Risky metal hip implants
« Reply #1 on: 03/01/2013 23:54:32 »
I'm sorry to hear that your hip replacement is not going well.  2 months should be adequate for recovery, but some things may take some time.

Certainly pins and implants are a vital part of treatment for broken bones joints including hip fractures. 

Elective surgery, however, should always consider risks which can range from an inconvenience to death for almost all surgeries, but of course more major surgeries carry greater risk.  And, of course, it is part of the consent procedure, but some surgeons may gloss over it rather quickly.

Hopefully as time passes, symptoms will improve, and you will reach a point where you are better off than before the surgery.

Keep discussing your issues with your physician, and make sure you follow through with recommended physical therapy.

And make sure any diagnostic workup includes a CBC blood count to monitor for infection.
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