New unified, final theory (ToE) of the Universe

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New unified, final theory (ToE) of the Universe
« on: 06/01/2013 20:37:07 »
Dear Madams / Sirs,

I present you new unified, final theory (ToE) of the Universe which proves that all physical phenomena - mass, electric charge, electric field, magnetic field, gravity and gravitational field - are consequences of changes in local pressure and density of the ether. Ether, which fills infinite space of the Universe, is enormously dense, and contains enormous energy. Theory calculates all experimentally measured values on subatomic, atomic and cosmic level.
My theory can be understood only if it is fully red. Unfortunately I don’t have technical nor financial ways for translation on English. I did manage the translation of one section in a book and the section’s name is “Spectral series of non-ionized helium”. It is simple calculation of non-ionized helium lines using my formula, and it is easy to check it out.You can read my complete theory on Serbian language on this link newbielink: [nonactive], and English summary on this  newbielink: [nonactive].

I wanted to attach "Spectral series of non-ionized helium", but couldn't because of size restriction. If you are interested in reading it please tell me how can I send it to you.