Why I can not reach my pen?!

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Why I can not reach my pen?!
« on: 11/01/2013 13:12:34 »
Remembering those days I was younger by looking at my 2000 memorandums.

Perhaps it will be interesting for people attentive in SR and its eccentric assets too, where I wrote “why I could not reach my pen sitting on my note book deprived of proceeding to grab it with my hand?”

And my answer stood” your hand could not influence that pen not because of the remoteness but since the time difference between your hand (T) and that pen (T*)”

What do you think as a physicists? why I could not reach my Pen at the same time I am thinking of grabing it with my hand "when it sits at a distance?is the above answer correct?!!



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Re: Why I can not reach my pen?!
« Reply #1 on: 11/01/2013 16:15:43 »
If you're asking why you can't reach your pen at the exact instant you think of reaching for it, you're right--the fact that it's some distance away precludes that.  This is because nothing can move faster than the speed of light, and if you reached the pen at the instant you thought of touching it, you'd have instantaneously grabbed the pen.  The fastest you could possible reach it with anything is at the speed of light.  For example, if you fired a laser at it when you thought of reaching it. 

Of course, you can't move your arm anywhere near the speed of light, so the actual speed at which you grab for the pen is much slower than that theoretical limit.